Monster! #18


The cover article for this ish is “Johnny Sokko’s Monsterama!” in which Eric Messina waxes enthusiastic about the legendary ’60s Japanese kids’ TV series GIANT ROBOT, which was chockablock with all sorts of crazy critters. Steve Bissette gives us the second and final instalment of his diligently in-depth look back at THE GLASSHEAD (1998), an American indie horror film which is so obscure that most people don’t even know it ever even existed at all, let alone have actually forgotten it. Daniel Best concludes his informative 3-part article about governmental censorship of Universal’s FRANKENSTEIN movie series (and other vintage horror movies) in Australia. Elsewhere, Troy Howarth discusses mad genius Ken Russell’s playfully tongue-in-cheek 1988 giant serpent movie, THE LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM. “Humanity versus Monsters” is the unifying theme of Adam Parker-Edmondston’s breezy jaunt through a whole whack of movies with “VS.” in their titles. John Harrison lends an ear to and expends some ink on Hammer Films’ slick 1970s audio dramatization of DRACULA, as narrated by the late, great Christopher Lee. Our usual slew of monstercentric movie reviews includes BOG (1983), THE CHILDREN (2008), IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE (1958), the Hindi spook shocker VAASTU SHASTRA (2004), THE PHANTOM FROM 10,000 LEAGUES (1955), DOG SOLDIERS (1999), FIRE MAIDENS OF OUTER SPACE (1956), CYCLOPS (2008), THE DEVIL’S ROCK (2011), GEORGE AND THE DRAGON (2004), WORLD WITHOUT END (1956), SOLE SURVIVOR (1983), BEASTER DAY (2014) and ZONTAR: THE THING FROM VENUS (1966), as well as the kooky Mexi-monster flick THE RIDER OF THE SKULLS (1965). Other contributors for issue #18 are Dennis Capicik, Aindrila Roy, Christos Mouroukis, Dawn Dabell, Tom Sciacca, Matt Bradshaw, Michael Elvidge, Michael Hauss, Mike T. Lyddon, Mongo McGillicutty, Les Moore, Steve Fenton, and Tim Paxton. Rounding out this new 100+-page issue is our usual detailed lowdown on the video availability of films covered.

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