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DVD Release: O Apostolo

O Apostolo is now available on DVD. More information here: You can read our review of the film  here:


The Jess Franco Collection!

Fangoria reveals 10 incredible features Coming Soon Exclusively on FullMoonStreaming and DVD Jack The Ripper will be available on DVD in mid February Exclusively at and Amazon! In the annals of international cult,...


Two Jess Franco flick to be released on DVD

Vial of delicatessen is about to release these two Jess Franco flicks on DVD.  For “further” information visit: LA CRIPTA DE LAS CONDENADAS includes: A Jess Franco interview and  “Los condenados de la cripta” by JJS. Subtitles:...


The Woman who Talked to the Dead on Filmin (VOD)

From tomorrow on you can watch The The Woman who Talked to the Dead by César del Álamo on Filmin. More information here: You can check our review of the movie here:


DVD: The Unliving (Tombs of the Werewolf)

Fred Olen Ray is releasing this in January: “16×9 Widescreen Anamorphic Edition. Uncut, uncensored. 95 Big Minutes. Street Date: January 20, 2015 Retromedia DVD Extended Video Documentary and Directors Commentary Track.”