Classic Spanish Horror Film Location Tour: A Paul Naschy Tribute

ESC Tours invites you to a very special day celebrating the legacy of Spain’s horror icon, Paul Naschy, in the company of his son Sergio Molina and film director Victor Matellano (Vampyres).
This will take place at Talamanca del Jarama, 50km from downtown Madrid (where our tour will begin), at the medieval palace of La Cartuja, which has been used in many Spanish and international films, including many starring Paul Naschy – The Mark of the Wolfman (aka Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror), The Night of the Werewolf, Inquisition, Human Beasts, Vengeance of the Zombies, Count Dracula’s Great Love.
This will a very unique experience for fans of classic Spanish horror, and we are delighted that Sergio and Victor – who selflessly join us in this tour – will guide us through this historic site, as well as some other classic horror film locations, including the Roman Bridge where Naschy shot Mark of the Wolfman.
ESC Tours, which was set-up to honor the legacy and travel philosophy of the legendary actor, art lover and gourmet Vincent Price, is no ordinary tour company as we offer immersive experiences plus educational and inspirational workshops interwoven into our itinerary to provide an authentic perspective on the transformation that can happen through immersive travel in different cultures. It is hoped that, by the end of your journey, you will have acquired valuable ideas for you to use in sharing what you have seen and how you now view the world with others. For more on our philosophy, check out the ESC Tours wesbite.
HOW TO SIGN UP: A deposit of €20 (excluding fees) is required to reserve your place now, while final payment date and full itinerary will be emailed to you following registration.
• Entrance and tour guide fee
• Ground transport: Madrid-Talamanca del Jarama –Madrid

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