HorrorHound Magazine #51


or the 51st issue of HorrorHound Magazine, we take a break from celebrating the horrors hidden under the bed, in the closet, down the sewers, or in your dreams – and instead look to the skies! Over the past 50-plus years, horror’s fantasy-driven brother-in-arms, Sci-fi, has delivered some of the most amazing creatures, aliens and monsters seen on-screen. Fantastic space-horrors continue to invade, war with, and collide with Hollywood. One of the most iconic being 1955’s This Island Earth, which birthed the iconic “Metaluna Mutant”! We celebrate these otherworldly monsters in a special retrospective treatment. Paired with our sneak peek into 2015’s most exciting horror films, including Crimson Peak, The Conjuring 2 and Goosebumps. Regular columns such as “Horror’s Hallowed Grounds”, “Kitley’s Krypt” and “VHS Invasion” are also included!

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