Monster! #20


August 2015
Authored by Tim Paxton, Steve Fenton
Illustrated by Ian Richardson, Matt Bradshaw, Christian Colbert
Contributions by Michael Hauss, Matthew E Banks, Daniel Best, Stephen R. Bissette, Matt Bradshaw, Jolyon Yates, Michael Hauss, Dawn Dabell, John Harrison, Brian Harris, Eric Messina, Les Moore, Dennis Capicik, Subhajit Sen
Associate editor Tony Strauss

This issue – another near-as-dammit to 110-pager – we skip over the usual editorial comments and get right down to the nitty-gritty with Eric Messina’s cover review of the fave-rave ’70s TV monster movie, GARGOYLES; Christos Mouroukis contributes Pt. 1 of his two-part overview of Charles Band/Full Moon’s popular PUPPET MASTER series; “The Strange Swamp Monsters of William Grefé” are covered by John Harrison; Steve Bissette casts a nostalgic eyeball back over some vintage monster comics/mags, mainly focusing on the work of artist Jerry Grandenetti; Tim Paxton lovingly covers a whole heap of obscure Hindi horrors in his article entitled “The Monster Movies of Mohan Bhakri”; in her piece “Teenagers, Vampires & The Sutherlands”, Dawn Dabell sinks her eyeteeth into a pair of youth-oriented Hollywood fangfests from recent decades past (namely THE LOST BOYS [1987] and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER [1992]); in “The Many Lives of King Kong”, Daniel Best gives us the lowdown about the great ape’s forays Down Under (i.e., in Australia); and Les Moore rassles up a sweaty 6-pack of Mexi-monster movies, all featuring that masked wrestling icon Blue Demon. Individual titles reviewed this ish include yet another Blue Demon epic, ARAÑAS INFERNALES (1966), plus WYRMWOOD: ROAD OF THE DEAD (2015), THE HORROR STAR (1983), NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APES (1969), THE STRANGENESS (1980), BIOHAZARD (1985), and HARBINGER DOWN (2015). Other writing and/or artwork contributors to M! #20 were: Matthew E. Banks, Jolyon Yates, Christian Colbert, Matt Bradshaw, Dennis Capicik, Subhajit Sen, Ian Richardson, Michael Hauss, Brian Harris, and Steve Fenton. Rounding out this jam-packed issue, as per usual, we give detailed information about films’ video availability… Oh yeah, and the mag is lavishly-illustrated, as always!

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