FIENDS  is a comic issue made by David Zuzelo and Tim Tyler, both popular names in underground comics in US. Tyler is a veteran of the comics scene, most known as publisher of Fathom Press and for his books Blood Reign, Fiends and his work as inker for Tim Vigil on titles like Faust: Love Of The Damned and a run on Dreadstar.  He is currently the head of RAT HOUSE COMICS and Z comes from Heavy Metal, Carnopolis, Blood Gore Comix and zines as Deep Red, Weng’s Chop, Exploitation Retrospect and some web blogs and podcasts like Cinesludge and he was even a guest on Horror Rises from Spain.  They  are  now hard at work on their ode to grindhouse cinema, BOLT ACTION which will include such “films” as HONG KONG HELL CAMP WOMEN 2, THE SATINICUS GATE and HIGH SCHOOL HONEY TRAP.

In this issue we have some Spanish Horror love as the first story – out of the two making it – is dedicated to some familiar monsters a werewolf quite close to our beloved Waldemar fighting against the classic templars who seem to be making some kind of ritual… The story is quite original, I am not going to spoil anything and also the drawing is stunning!

Apart from this there is also another tale called Things of it that will take you back to Eerie and Creepy publications.

Some cool made-up posters based on old school trends are also here. If you are a horror fan you need it!!

You can order it on this email addy:

Video preview in Spanish:

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