SPANISHFEAR.COM celebrates Eugenio Mira’s The Birthday 10th anniversary!

SPANISHFEAR.COM is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the cult movie directed by Eugenio Mira and written by him and Mikel Alvariño: THE BIRTHDAY! A movie with Corey Feldman, Erica Prior and Jack Taylor.


In order to pay tribute to this movie we have different contents:

A preview of the movie

A written interview with Mikel Alvariño

A very special article by our guest James Harris about the movie

And a new episode of Horror Rises from Spain where mistress Elena interviews the director: Eugenio Mira


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  1. 06/23/2016

    […] new issue of Fangoria magazine contains an article about the Eugenio Mira’s The Birthday. apart from that you can […]

  2. 08/15/2017

    […] Galleon),Victor Matellano’s WAX and Eugenio Mira’s projects and friendship. They met for THE BIRTHDAY and they have been together since then, even Mira is the one in charge of the beautiful […]

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