Thalion Ltd: Science Fiction and psychological terror


Diego Arjona gets down to work directing and producing “Thalion Ltd”, an exciting science fiction story with elements of horror, meant to honor the genre and transport the viewer to the best titles in the 80s.


“Thalion Ltd” tells, metaphorically, how far would be willing to get humans to achieve survival in a society saturated by consumerism and where the economic crisis has caused a brutal devastation across planet Earth.


“Thalion Ltd” is a vindication of fantasy films (horror and science fiction) that, since the 80s and well into the 90s, revolutionized the way we understand these stories, attracting millions of followers worldwide with such legendary titles as “Aliens. The Return”, “Predator”, “The Thing” by John Carpenter, etc.


To approach those films that have inspired the project, the creators of “Thalion Ltd” has worked carefully on a sophisticated look and production design, making the usual sci-fi viewer identified with their icons and the latest public to discover a way of seeing and understanding fantasy films outside fleeting fashions.


Each sequence of “Thalion Ltd” has a surprising twist that will leave the audience wanting more, keeping the suspense throughout the plot and making constant questions that the public will have to resolve during the whole short film.


Furthermore, “Thalion Ltd” aims to be the beginning of a saga that would lead to a TV series with the same concept. Therefore, it has been shot in English with an international distribution in mind.


“Thalion Ltd” is an ARJONA FILMS production, with the support of other producers like TIERRA MEDIA (by TV Host and actor Luis Larrodera), PROINTEL (the legendary production company led by Chicho Ibáñez Serrador, the Spanish Horror Icon) and the assistance of Raúl Cerezo as Executive Producer.


The script has been written by Angel Agudo, professional screenwriter who has co-written the newest horror film from Filmax, “Sweet Home”; he also wrote the screenplay for “Trooper”, finalist in the Notodo Film Festival, in addition to writing and directing one of the best documentaries dedicated the horror cinema, “El hombre que vio llorar a Frankenstein” (The Man Who Saw Frankenstein Cry), centered on the figure of Paul Naschy and where true legends of the genre as John Landis, Joe Dante or Mick Garris appear.


Co-writing the script is Diego Arjona, director of the project. Known for his television works (he has worked as a comedian for some of the most powerful producers of our country, as Globomedia), he has also directed short films like “Acuérdate de mí” (Remember me), “Chanquete ha muerto” (Chanquete is dead) and, most recently, “Abracadabra” (Hocus Pocus). Now he makes his most serious effort giving the audience something unexpected.


As artistic advisor, the team is honored with the collaboration of Carlos Pacheco, worldwide known illustrator who has worked on DC and Marvel, company in which he works today. In his curriculum appear popular characters like X-Men, Fantastic 4, Batman & Superman and Captain America. With “Thalion Ltd”, he makes its first collaboration in the Seventh Art.


In the musical composition we find Diego Navarro. His filmography as a composer includes the written scores for the films “Oscar, the Color of destiny” or the winning scores of American horror film “Mimesis: Night of the living dead” or “Puerta del tiempo”, respectively, animation film also nominated for the Goya 2003 (Spanish Film Academy Awards), among others. His role as conductor includes the management of a huge number of world premieres of both Hollywood blockbusters as Europeans.


As for the cast, the protagonist duo is formed by the legendary Italian actor Bobby Rhodes (remembered for his work on the equally mythical “Demons” and “Demons 2”, directed by Lamberto Bava) and Hovik Keuchkerian, newcomer of the Spanish television and film business who has shine with his characters in TV series like “Hispania” or “Isabel” … and being nominated for a Goya for Best New Actor in the film “Alacrán enamorado”.

Rhodes and Keuchkerian are surrounded by other excellent performers in this project, as the veteran Manuel de Blas and a group of new (but well known in Spain) faces: Octavi Pujades, Alberto Jo Lee, Laura de Pedro and Mary Ruiz.


“Thalion Ltd” has completed its shooting and the post-production will be completed during the first quarter of 2015.

Thalion Ltd: Pictures from the filming

Diego Arjona interview for Horror Rises from Spain on September 2013

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