“The Art from Vampirella” A tribute for the spanish artists from the Warren era


The Art of Vampirella is a project looking for funding. Through this documentary full of interviews with comic artists and professionals who belonged to the Illustrated Selections company (a subsidiary for Warren Publishing), they’ll try to pay a great tribute to many of the Spanish illustrators who contributed to the success of the American company.

It is also a tribute to Pepe Gonzalezs one of the best Vampirella´s artists of all time. The controversial figure of Gonzalez , must be added to the enormous talent of other cartoonists as Jose Ortiz , Esteban Maroto, Josep Maria Bea, Cesar Alvarez, Luis Garcia Mozos , Fernando Fernandez and Luis Bermejo.

More information and contributions: http://www.verkami.com/projects/12132-documental-el-arte-de-vampirela-un-tributo-a-los-dibujantes-espanoles-de-la-warren

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