Cinesludge – A Mangled Media Podcast #1

cinesludgepagetop1On this first episode, your hosts David Z of TOMB IT MAY CONCERN and Dan Taylor of EXPLOITATION RETROSPECT shake of years of radio rust and talk a little about Exploitation Retrospect before diving headlong in to the films of Massimiliano Cerchi to celebrate (?) the release of THE DOUBLE FEATURE FROM HELL that features HELLINGER and HOLY TERROR.  But we aren’t finished with the director by stopping at the edge of sanity. Also under the microscope of mirth is CARNAGE ROAD: THE LEGEND OF QUILTFACE which features the Italian Madman bounding headlong into THE POLONIA BROTHERS universe!  Join us as we delve deep into the monstrous mania of HELLINGER and come out…virtually…unscathed!

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