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ANA DE DÍA is the first feature film of the spanish director Andrea Jaurrieta.
It  was selected by “Small is biútiful”, Espagnolas en París Festival, as one of the most promising scripts in  young national filmming talents.
ANA DE DÍA was shoot during the summer of 2016 in  Madrid and Navarra. It was supported by a production subsidy of the Navarra’s government and a big crowdfunding campaign. It also has  a co-production with France.

The movie tells the story of  Ana, a responsible girl who is just about to finish her PhD in law, realizes that a doppelganger has taken her place in life and nobody suspects that she is not the real Ana. Instead of trying to recover her lost identity, Ana’d rather enjoy  her new anonymity and freedom, testing  her own limits, trying to find the sense of her existence.
However, little by little she will discover that the long awaited freedom is not a synonym for happiness.

Main stars are: Ingrid García Jonsson, Álvaro Ogalla, Fernando Albizu and Irene Ruiz.

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