Full bloody contents for GOREZONE #31!

GOREZONE is available by subscription only (it’s too rough for newsstands!), still for just $45 for one year/six issues, so go here to order; issue #31 and other individual copies can be purchased here.

BLOOD FEST Franco-ly speaking

GUT REACTIONS GOREZONE: Bloody awesome or bloody awful?

RETROSPECTIVE: THE “GUINEA PIG” MOVIES Over the course of seven movies, all sorts of misogynistic madness came out of Japan.

RETROSPECTIVE: “TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE” Years before cable TV got gruesome, George A. Romero and co. delivered syndicated shocks.

TIM LUCAS: TALES FROM THE ATTIC How the power of “The Exorcist” compelled a new era of filmmaking.

ON SET: “CIRCUS OF THE DEAD” A carful of killer clowns lay bloody waste to a Texas town, and GOREZONE is there.

INTERVIEW: TARA CARDINAL She not only played a “Red Reaper” and a “Scarlet Samurai,” she directed the films as well.

TOM SAVINI’S MAKEUP FX LAB Heads up! “Maniac” showcased cranial damage of every gruesome variety.

BLACKEST NOTES A new column devoted to macabre movie music debuts with Susan Justin talking of her spacy “Forbidden World” score.

RETROSPECTIVE: JESS FRANCO, PART ONE The Eurosleaze maestro made so many women-in-prison shockers, just one article can’t contain them.

INTERVIEW: JOANNA ANGEL The woman behind “Re-Penetrator” and “The XXXorcist” keeps on sexing up horror classics.

RETROSPECTIVE: “DEADLY END” A look back at the truly disturbing suburban sickie almost no one wanted to release.

PICTORIAL: DANIELLE HARRIS The little girl from the “Halloween” sequels is all grown up—but The Shape still looms.

SPLATTER HALL OF FAME Marian Dora’s “Voyage to Agatis”

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