Jess Franco’s EXORCISM 4 Disc Set Uncut Hartbox Edition Blu-Ray + 3 DVD (Limited 222)


Special edition (3 DVD + Blu-Ray) of Franco’s Exorcism (aka Demoniac; Il Sadico di Notre Dame…) LIMITED EDITION 222 COPIES

Disc 1 (DVD):
Exorcisme – Directors Cut (100 Min; anamorph 16:9)
Extra: Gallery 

Disc 2 (Blu-ray)
Exorcisme – Original version with alternative sequences  (1080p / 24fps / 1.66:1)
– Antonio Mayans talks about him working with Jess Franco (HD)
Extensive audio commentary with Gerd Naumann (manager), Bodo Trotter (Author), Lutz Harder (voice actor of Jess Franco) and Matthias Künnecke (Jess Franco Kenner)
– English Trailer (International) (HD)
– German Trailer (SD) 

Disc 3 (DVD)
Same content as Disc 2

Disc 4 (DVD)
Demoniac – Canadian edition from 1980 with half of different scenes from the international edition.
– Bonus scenes from the alternative version  5.Sadist von Notre-Dame (1979) (31 Min.)
– Bonus scenes from the alternative version 4. Sexorcisme (20 Min.)
– Demoniac USA VHS Trailer
– Original material with credits
– Alternative version Sadist
– Complete Aerican Version Demoniac 1975 (68 Min.)
– German theater trailer Entfesselte Begierde (Nostalgie)
Bonus scenes (7 Min.)

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