New Poster: THALION Ltd


ARJONA FILMS proudly presents the official poster for “THALION Ltd.”, the sci-fi short film directed by Diego Arjona and co-produced by Tierra Media and Prointel.

Designed by Dossom Studio, the poster is a good example of the care put into every aspect of this production. From the screenplay (by Arjona and Ángel Agudo) to the original motion picture soundtrack (composed by Diego Navarro), including a casting where new faces meet european fantastic cinema veterans (Bobby Rhodes, Hovik Keuchkerian, Octavi Pujades, Alberto Jo Lee, Laura de Pedro, Mary Ruiz and Manuel de Blas), everything in “THALION Ltd.” is pushed to the limit to achieve high rates of suspense and adrenalin. Something that has been considered for the poster which serves to promote the film.

With chances of becoming a TV series or even a full-length movie, “THALION Ltd.” will start running on film festivals across the world, starting with CORTOPATIA, in Madrid, where the premiere will take place the next 13th of March.

More news about this exciting adventure soon.

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