Open Windows review



By Rubén Íñiguez Pérez


Unlike most European directors making their debut in U.S.A., Vigalondo in Open Windows tries out new narrative techniques in a film full of traditional elements and structures typical of thrillers. Open Windows is a game of metafiction in which audience is fooled, reaching thrilling moments that could be easily categorized as hitchconian, but the movie is not classic at all because the vehicle of the story is based on new technologies. The director gets the most out of mobile phones, webcams, security cams… in order to update the genre.

Open Windows traps you since the very beginning. Characters are well introduced, the plot is perfectly structured and Internet references and conspiracy make the audience sympathize with the film. The resolution may seem a little confusing, but it is not hasty or implausible. Let’s highlight the great work done by the actors that, considering the abuse of close-up, show a good expressive side.

Nacho Vigalondo, in his third feature film, shows that he is still a director to take into account. He tries to make his works without forgetting about his audience, something not all productions get to do.


Rubén Íñiguez Pérez is a Spanish literature scholar. He has written different articles about horror cinema for several media and he is part of the headquarters of La Mano Film Festival.

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    […] was three years ago when started with a special about Vigalondo’s OPEN WINDOWS. Not only did we post a review of that film but also he was nice enough to say yes to an interview […]

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