SITGES LATEST NEWS: Balagueró, Indie horror and Italian directors at Brigadoon 2014


Jaume Balagueró will kick off the Sitges Zombie Walk, to be held on Saturday 4 October

This year at Sitges 2014, Brigadoon will be offering a selection of fictional feature length films, short films and documentaries in a tribute to recently deceased actor Alex Angulo. This Festival category, which presents the most daring cult trends at free screenings sessions in the Escorxador building, has put together a complete lineup featuring a review of the Italian directors who influenced Quentin Tarantino.

Brigadoon’s feature film lineup has three outstanding references, the first of them being Maldito amor, the new film from Chilean brothers Gonzalo and Sebastián Badilla, a comedy following the lines of giallo. The second, Megamuerte, is a movie by Jordi Nájera born from the short film Metal Creepers and that is a tribute to the glam metal of the eighties. David Ryan’s The Redwood Massacre closes this firstblock: an indie film shot in northern Scotland where a group of friends visit the spot where a legendary massacre took place.

As of a few years ago, one of Brigadoon’s strong points is its lineup of documentaries. On this occasion, it will be presenting Steve Della Casa and Maurizio Tedesco’s I Tarantiniani, a documentary explaining an unknown cinematic phenomenon to the world, that of directors ignored by the Italian critics and that Quentin Tarantino considers to be essential, like Lamberto Bava, Ruggero Deodato or Sergio Leone. The giallo genreis center stage in Calum Waddell’s Yellow Fever: The Rise and Fall of the Giallo, a look at the history of this film concept and at its filmmakers, from its origins with Mario Bava to Dario Argento or Lucio Fulci. Along with the screening of Vicente Aranda. 50 años de cine, another documentary about Spanish cinema will be Queridos monstruos, by brothers Kiko and Javier Prada, a view of the history of fantastic and horror movies from the sixties to present. Co-productions, the financing system, the Matesa Case, the Miró Law or the Back to Back system are just some of the film’s subjects explained in first person by its protagonists.

Once again, one of the highlights among the side events that will be held as a part of the 47th Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia is the Sitges Zombie Walk, the traditional parade through the town’s streets, that will take place on Saturday 4 October with the starting shot fired by director Jaume Balagueró, who will be opening the Festival the previous day with REC 4: Apocalypse.

Actor Alex Angulo, who passed away this past 20 July, will be having his own tribute with the screening of the film Acción mutante and the presence of Álex de la Iglesia, its director, at Brigadoon. Italian filmmaker Luigi Cozzi will be visiting Sitges 2014 to present a series of works at Brigadoon, among them the movie The Black Cat (1979) as a part of the dreams series. During the screening, you can also see the trailer from his new film, Blood on Melies’ Moon.

The Nosferatu Award will be going to actress María Kosty, working in the profession since the late sixties and with a strong presence in Spanish fantastic and horror cinema of the seventies.

This year Brigadoon is launching a brand new image, with a new logo (PHOTO 1) designed by the director from Ibiza Adrián Cardona.



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