Trailer: Jaime Falero’s Project 12: The Bunker


New Jaime Falero’s movie (The Clan).  Eric Roberts, James Cosmo, Timothy Gibbs and  Natasha Alam are some of the main stars.  

“Project 12: The Bunker tells the story of four mercenaries who are hired by an armament mogul (Roberts) to get a secret file created by a former Soviet Union scientist, Bryan Balanowsky (James Cosmo), during the Cold War.

At the height of the Cold War, Russia was working on a secret scientific project which, if successful, would have changed the course of history forever. The project, named “Project 12,” was ultimately deemed too dangerous to continue and the scientists involved were to be exterminated. Three scientists escaped and Project 12 was sealed in a well-guarded bunker, never to be seen again…until now. 

Brian Balanowsky, the lead scientist for Project 12, has become the target of a worldwide manhunt, as he is the lone survivor of the Project 12 team, and is the only man who knows the secrets that have been buried in the bunker. 

What secret does Balanowsky possess that the Russian government would shut down a program deemed “too dangerous” and required the death of all the scientists involved? And who is financing the operation to bring Project 12 back to life and what is their hidden agenda? 

The only way to find out is to enter the bunker yourself, and learn the truth about Project 12.

You can check the trailer here:

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