Weng’s Chop #6.5 (2nd Annual Spooktacular Special)



Authored by Tim Paxton
Cover design or artwork by Joe Deagnon
Other primary creator Brian Harris, Tony Strauss, Steve Fenton
Edited by Tony Strauss

Join the groovy ghouls of WENG’S CHOP, once again, as they slash their way thru the infernal reaches of the terrifying and monstrous to bring you the most gruesome in global cinema in their 2nd Annual Spooktacular Special! 

Films from around the world, as well as your backyard! If you love horror, exploitation, adult cinema and more, you’re going to NEED this special issue, featuring a cover by graphic novel illustrator Joe Deagnon!

This issue features contributions by: James Bickert, Stephen R. Bissette, Joe Deagnon, Steve Fenton, Kris Gilpin, Brian Harris, John Harrison, Eric Messina, Christos Mouroukis, George Pacheco, Louis Paul, Tim Paxton, David Reddick, Steven Ronquillo, Art Stevenson, Tony Strauss, Salvatore Tarantola

More information here: https://www.createspace.com/5094433

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