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Wengs Chop #8

Hey, y’all! The blockheads, boobs and blunderers are back with another stupendous issue of The Incredible Cinema Megazine! We’ve whipped up a big bowl of sloppy cinematic goo to slather all over your nekkid...

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EVILSPEAK MAGAZINE VOLUME 4 is FINALLY available directly from us! A full year in the making! This massive 211 page square bound book is here for all of you horror-hungry maniacs! *The first 250...

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Monster! #21

MONSTER 21 is here and here we have the contents: Boasting moodily melancholy and macabrely beautiful original cover art by Jolyon Yates, MONSTER! #21 deviates somewhat from our regular format by containing less individual...

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Miedo Fanzine is presenting their new #12 issue in an event in which they will screen Bigas Lunas’s Bilbao in Santiago de Chile. This new issue will have a deep article about Buddy Giovinazzo and...

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Here we have the cover for fanzine Ceremonia Sangrienta #2 It includes interviews to  Kenneth Johnson and Jane Badler from Tv series V and reviews about classic horrors and gialli. For further information:

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Monster! #20

August 2015 Authored by Tim Paxton, Steve Fenton Illustrated by Ian Richardson, Matt Bradshaw, Christian Colbert Contributions by Michael Hauss, Matthew E Banks, Daniel Best, Stephen R. Bissette, Matt Bradshaw, Jolyon Yates, Michael Hauss,...

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Monster! #19 is here!

This issue’s a few pages lighter than most of them have been in recent months, but we’ve still jammed it chockfull of goodies. In his article “Carnosaur Cinéastes: Quit Your Bitching!” pop cultural paleontologist...

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Monster! #18

The cover article for this ish is “Johnny Sokko’s Monsterama!” in which Eric Messina waxes enthusiastic about the legendary ’60s Japanese kids’ TV series GIANT ROBOT, which was chockablock with all sorts of crazy critters....

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Issue #23 of  EL BUQUE MALDITO FANZINE is here and now  available in different stores in Barcelona and also for ordering worldwide. The contents of this issue are: Interviews to: Tommy Wirkola, Soska Sisters,...