CREEP is one of La Mano fest long movies. it will be shown on October 29 at 6 pm. Here you have an interview to Patrick Birce the director who tells all about his work!

Thank you for giving us this interview, Patrick. Creep felt us one of the best “found footage” of recent years. Congratulations to shoot a film of terror that causes fear from an intelligent script.

Thanks! It’s a great honor to be playing your festival. I was in Spain back in 2014 at Sitges where Creep had it’s international premiere and Spanish audiences seemed to really connect with the material. Wish I could be there.

How you did the idea of Creep?

Mark Duplass and I were interested in making a film together that had little or no crew.We share a love of odd characters and found the initial conceiet of the film amusing.

You’ve resorted to some reference real when constructing the character played by Mark Duplass?

We didn’t base it on a real person specifically. The character of Josef was a combination of influences. If I met someone like Josef in real life I would likely do all I could to get away from that person as quickly as possible.

Duplass makes a spectacular role, the role of Josef was designed for him?

Absolutely designed for Mark. We came up with the character together. Hoping to conjure up a fear of nice-seeming rich white guys.

Creep has a characteristic sense of humor not usual in this type of movie. Think give it that touch of humor from the beginning of the project or came to write the screenplay?

We always wanted it to be funny in a subtle way. That was our origonal intention going in to the project. It was only once the characters and scenarios were created that the film became a horror movie.

How was the change of making short films to shoot your first film?

I’d only made documentaries before making Creep. And short documentaries at that, so it was a total adjustment. I’d been a fan and had always considered making narrative work regardless so it was a nice way to transition into that world.

The film runs away from the clichés of typical horror film scenarios. Tell us how you worked the setting in scene.

Our ignorance of these cliches helped us out by default. Neither Mark nor I watch much found footage films. Whatever cliches we ended up subverting came out of us simply having to solve our own problems that we had set up for ourselves.

How did the experience of the camera in hand? Do you repeat?

We passed the camera back and forth. I had to learn how to use the camera during production. It was a tool. It felt almost like a 3rd character in the film at certain times.

Are you fan of this type of found footage movies?

Definetely not a “fan” but I enjoy them. I loved The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity. I actually really enjoyed Paranormal Activity 3 by the guys who did Catfish.

Creep is a very powerful independent film. Would you do a sequel or a remake?

Nothing is off the table.

Do you know Spanish horror film? Any film?

I love Almodovar’s The Skin I Live In. That counts as a spanish horror film no? I also thought The Orphanage was really great.

And finally, Patrick, tell us, if you can, a little of your next project.

Still figuring that out right now. Not sure.

Thank you, Patrick, we wish you the best for your upcoming projects and good luck.

Thank you for including the film! An honor!

Festival de Cine Fantástico,Terror y Ciencia Ficción, La Mano



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