This Arturo de Bobadilla’s movie will be finally released this fall by Tema distributing company in their RedRum collection. LOS RESUCITADOS was shot 22 years ago and finished two years later but it has remained in limbo since then.

In LOS RESUCITADOS, considered one of the most cursed films in Spanish cinema, there were stars such as Paul Naschy and Antonio Mayans and Santiago Segura – together with new talents -now acclaimed professionals- as Santiago Segura – who was working for Alex de la Iglesia’s THE DAY OF THE BEAST at the same time-, Manuel Tallafé (WITCHING & BITCHING, COMMON WEALTH) and Zoe Berriatúa (SCHOOL KILLER, THE DUMBFOUNDED KING).

This was not a big budget project but it was made with a lot of passion and courage.

Still pic from LOS RESUCITADOS with Paul Naschy, Luciano Barriatura and Santiago Segura

Still pic from LOS RESUCITADOS with Paul Naschy, Luciano Barriatura and Santiago Segura

LOS RESUCITADOS is a Baroque story about a soldier of the Thirds of Flanders possessed by the devil. It starts with the following caption:

Madrid, 1994. Arturo de Bobadilla inspired by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer’s Legends starts the making of LOS RESUCITADOS, a work full of mystery. It was shot in different formats. After a difficult process, the movie was edited in 1997, but it went missing and the original reels and materials couldn’t be found.

Decades after, the shooting material, mute and raw, is surprisingly recovered but not in its best conditions. Anyways, it is decided that it will be edited again following the original screenplay notes so the movie can come to light.  

The story is set in Spain in 1602 when the knights of the order of the sword of Joan of Arch were defeated. After years of fierce battle against the Herald of Hell, El Caminante, who broke the armors and hearts of the Generals of Faith, has reached what leviathans and witches have always wanted: the spiritual possession of General Molina, the leader of the order. A mission accomplished thanks to his pure and faultless heart.

The veterans of the Thirds of Flanders, who fought for Christianity in thousands of crusades in the name of Faith, are now surrendered, mutilated, imprisoned and insane but they will find the courage to help prevent the most outrageous of crimes: the fall of the kingdom of God on earth. But devil won’t make it easy… Some are rising from the dead.

Arturo de Bobadilla y Santiago Segura durante el doblaje de Los Resucitados

Arturo de Bobadilla dn Santiago Segura in a dubbing session

As it is said in the introductory caption, the found footage was mute so the movie needed an enormous sound work. Santiago Segura, Antonio Mayans and Tony Fuentes (DESEO CARNAL, OTROS DÍAS VENDRÁN) met again to dub this, together with the help of many as the cult actress Lone Fleming (TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD). Paul Naschy voice is being played by Héctor Cantolla, original dubbing actor for our wolfman in NIGHT OF THE WEREWOLF and HUMAN BEAST, also responsible of the sound of Marlon Brando and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Spanish.

None has seen any of this before and even Santiago Segura who claims the insanity of the film said that he is happy with this release as Arturo de Bobadilla is finally making his dream come true.

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