LOS RESUCITADOS, considered one of the most cursed films in Spanish cinema,with Paul Naschy and Antonio Mayans and Santiago Segura (THE DAY OF THE BEAST), Manuel Tallafé (WITCHING & BITCHING, COMMON WEALTH) and Zoe Berriatúa (SCHOOL KILLER, THE DUMBFOUNDED KING) will be premiered at Sitges Festival in Brigadoon section.

The movie directed by Artur Bobadilla is a Baroque story about a soldier of the Thirds of Flanders possessed by the devil. It starts with the following caption:

Madrid, 1994. Arturo de Bobadilla inspired by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer’s Legends starts the making of LOS RESUCITADOS, a work full of mystery. It was shot in different formats. After a difficult process, the movie was edited in 1997, but it went missing and the original reels and materials couldn’t be found.

Decades after, the shooting material, mute and raw, is surprisingly recovered but not in its best conditions. Anyways, it is decided that it will be edited again following the original screenplay notes so the movie can come to light.

On the other hand it is said that the book Paul Naschy/Jacinto Molina: la dualidad de un mito (Paul Naschy/Jacinto Molina: the Duality of a Myth) will be presented. Little we know about this book but as soon ass we get more information I will let you know!

Here you have more information about the rest of Brigadoon schedule:

Actor Tony Isbert will receive the Nosferatu Award, and the section will be showing different films from his career, including the previously unreleased ‘El espectro de Justine’

The premiere of The Song of Solomon, one of the most extreme horror films in recent years; a tribute to two important fantastic figures who have left us this year, actress Terele Pávez and director George A. Romero; a documentary focus on fantastic films made in Panama, and a retrospective of the work of actor Tony Isbert, 2017 Nosferatu Prize winner, will be the guidelines of the Brigadoon venue’s lineup.

Son of María Isbert, and grandson of Pepe Isbert, Tony Isbert came into contact with the world of acting starting at an early age. We can find his first credits in the television series Historias para no dormir, and since then, his relationship with fantastic genre has been maintained throughout his entire career in films like León Klimovsky’s The Dracula Saga (1973), Eloy de la Iglesia’s No One Heard the Scream (1972) or Juan Piquer Simón’s The Rift (1990). In addition to the Nosferatu Award, Tony Isbert will be present with several films in the lineup of the Brigadoon section. Among other titles that can be seen: León Klimovsky’s Tres días de noviembre, (1971) and Jordi Gigó’s El espectro de Justine (1986), a movie previously unreleased in our country, both in theaters and in home viewing format.

Another of the highlighted sections in this year’s Brigadoon is the one dedicated to premieres. In it, we can see films like The Song of Salomon, by Stephen Biro, director and alma mater of the legendary Unearthed Films and who now directs one of the most extreme horror films in recent years; Los resucitados, the film that Arturo de Bobadilla started to shoot in the mid-nineties and that, two decades later, finally sees light. Los resucitados boasts an all-star cast including Santiago Segura, Antonio Mayans and Paul Naschy, among others. In addition, Paul Naschy will be doubly featured in Brigadoon, which will be presenting the book Paul Naschy/Jacinto Molina: la dualidad de un mito (Paul Naschy/Jacinto Molina: the Duality of a Myth), published by Vial Books.

Continuing with premieres, we can also see the first horror movie of Albanian origin in co-production with Australia, Bloodlands, by Steven Kastrissios; The Terror of Hallow’s Eve, directed by Todd Tucker, responsible for the makeup effects for films like The Man Without a Face or The Curious Case of Benjamin Button; the documentary Culto al terror by Gustavo Leonel Mendoza; and Confession of Murder (2012), the debut film by Korean Jeong Byeong-gil, who is presenting La Villainess (2017) in the Festival’s Official Selection.

Brigadoon will pay tribute to two important figures in national and international fantasy who have left us during the present year: on the one hand, we will be showing Witching and Bitching, paying homage to Terele Pávez (2016 Nosferatu Award winner), at a screening to be attended by Álex de la Iglesia and Carolina Bang; and on the other hand you can see Two Evil Eyes, the film directed by Dario Argento and George A. Romero. A screening that will be paying tribute to the American filmmaker and which will be attended by legendary Italian director Dario Argento.

Short films will also be featured in this section. A highlight this year is the Panama Fantastic Short Film Focus, a selection of different works in short format from the decade of the eighties to present; and The Final Girls Present: We Are the Weirdos, a selection of short films from the English group The Final Girls: a film association with headquarters in the United Kingdom, dedicated to exploring the intersections of genre film and feminism.

And in closing, as is customary now, the traditional Sitges Zombie Walk will be taking place the first Saturday of the Festival, which will be October 7th and will fill the town once again with zombies arriving from all over.

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