Monster! #10 is here!


Halloween 2014

Authored by Prof Tim Paxton PhD, Dr. Steve Fenton
Illustrated by Denis St. John, Matt Bradshaw, Heather Paxton
Contributions by Stephen R. Bissette, John Harrison, Louis Paul, Troy Howarth, Matt Bradshaw, Jason Cook, Eric Messina, Steve Fenton, Tim Paxton
Editorial board member Tony Strauss

This special issue of MONSTER! has OVER 100 PAGES of monstrous Halloween goodness! Films covered include CASTLE OF BLOOD, PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES, ANTHROPOPHAGUS, EVIL CAT, KHOONI PANJA, CREATURE 3D, THE NIGHT STALKER, and much more! MONSTER! #10 also features articles on the Don Post latex masks, Stephen Bissette examines the classic monster comic “The Monster of Dread End…”, made-for-TV terrors from the 1970s, Feline Fiends, and Bollywood flicks! If you love all things monster, then MONSTER! is the zine for you!

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