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This issue’s a few pages lighter than most of them have been in recent months, but we’ve still jammed it chockfull of goodies. In his article “Carnosaur Cinéastes: Quit Your Bitching!” pop cultural paleontologist Steve Bissette digs up some el cheapo dino flicks of both ancient and more recent vintage that make JURASSIC WORLD look that much better! Dennis Capicik covers three French monster/splatter flicks – OGROFF (1983), DEVIL STORY (1985) and SEXANDROIDE (1987) – in his article “Gore, Sex & Monsters en Français”; Troy Howarth discusses the late, great Christopher Lee’s vampire comedies – UNCLE WAS A VAMPIRE (1959) and DRACULA AND SON (1976) – in a piece entitled “Putting a Twist on the Vampire Film”; and Tom Sciacca contributes “A ’50s Schlock Sci-Fi Cheeze ’n’ Teaze Twofer!!” which covers the craptastic camp cheesecake classic CAT-WOMEN OF THE MOON (1953) and its even campier ’58 remake, MISSILE TO THE MOON. Movies reviewed this ish include THE INCUBUS (1982), FRANKENFISH (2004), ORGY OF THE DEAD (1965), THE VIDEO DEAD (1987), FULL CIRCLE (1976), DEEP SHOCK (2003), and INVADERS FROM MARS (1986), as well as the Mexi-monster movie EL IMPERIO DE DRÁCULA (1966), the Indian horror NISHI TRISHNA (1978/88?), and the Hong Kong fantasy MIRACLE 90 DAYS (1992). Other contributors to MONSTER! #19 are Eric Messina, Aindrila Roy, Michael Hauss, Christos Mouroukis, John Harrison, Les Moore, Steve Fenton, and Tim Paxton, with artwork contributed by Denis St. John and Mike Hall. As always, our back pages include detailed video availability info about titles covered in the issue, and we’ve even thrown in a few “bonus” pages of pics to pad-out our total page-count to 100+.

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