The Crappy International Movies in Sueca (CIM Sueca) film festival is a
global event aimed at low-⁠budget audiovisuals, both independent and/⁠or
non commercial: namely, B and Z movies, trash, gore, underground, etc.
The CIM is held by the «Cultural Association for the Second Law of
Thermodynamics» in the town of Sueca, at Valencia (Spain).

“À la recherche del ultra-⁠sex” from Nicolas Charlet and Bruno Lavaine,
the first erotic-⁠comic film shown in the CIM-⁠Sueca, has won the Suecan
Horrorous Incoming Trophy(S.H.I.T.) for best feature film in the fifth
edition of the festival. The surprising movie, made by cutting and
assembling porn films from the 70s and 80s, had passed by prestigious
festivals such as Montreal’s Fantasia and Austin Fantastic Fest in 2016.
In the CIM-⁠Sueca we being able to premiere it in Spain. The screening of
“À la recherche del ultra-⁠sex”, during an unforgettable midnight
session, became a awesome party, with the AUDIENCE choreographing the
soundtrack and clapping all gags at every moment.

At short film section, the S.H.I.T award was for “Saying” from spanish
filmmaker David Pareja, who had already managed to win in the
Notodofilmfest. The film, a hilarious gag condensed in less than 30
seconds blew up CIM-⁠Sueca auditory in a collective laugh, which gave it
a ovation larguer than the short itself.

The CIM-⁠Sueca awards are quite peculiar, all are granted by the public
through their daily ratings. Movies with the highest score win the
prestigious S.H.I.T award, but the films that have worse scores also get
a prize, the OMEGA award, which is as important and expected (or more)
than the other.

Thus, the OMEGA award for feature films has been given to the
philippine film “Huramentado” from Noriel Jarito, a thrilling action
plenty with fighting and shooting scenes, made with a bunch of will and
no technical means, which has caused real impact among the audience. As
for the shorts, the OMEGA has gone to canadian production “Mining Moon”
from Brian Morelan, a Space Opera packed with chessy CGI effects in a
interplanetary slavery issue.

In CIM-⁠Sueca there is also a prize for audiovisuals less than 3
minutes, the FLASH award, which was awarded by the public to “A Dark
Night at the Wrong House”, a witty parody with a big surprise of a
classical ghost tale, directed by american filmmaker Tyler Meyer.

Finally, the TERRETA prize for the best work in valencian language has
gone to Nules; “Blanca i la Cova dels Somnis” a fary tale with multiple
references to Valencian imaginary, directed by Joaquin Gil, winned in a
category that gains importance in the CIM-⁠Sueca year after year.

Besides the organization of CIM-⁠Sueca gived various Special Mentions to
some other films, the complete list of winners is available at festival

More than 1000 spectators enjoyed (and suffered) on the seats of C. M.
Bernat and Baldoví of Sueca from 19 to 25 September, where a hundred
low budget audiovisuals were screened to conform a great party of
B-⁠cinema, trash, gore, underground and other extravagant productions.
The public, increasingly in number and passion, are encouraged to
interact freely with the movies, screaming, laughing and clapping each
jet of blood or limb amputation that appears on the screen.

Many of the authors attended to the festival to present their work and
chat with the public. We count with the presence of Klaus-⁠Günter
Køscieniewicz director of “Vino del futuro II”; DeMarjal crew,
producers of “Blanca i la Cova dels Somnis” the local director Damià
Miralles from “Buscadors de Fantasmes”, Juan Bodí from “Vampiros
Galácticos”, filmmaker Jairo Sobrino and actress Sonia Martell from
“The Horror Complex” and the illustrious Pablo Gabaldon of “El tabaco
puede matar” who always prepares an expected show during the
presentation of his films. As a guest star this year we were able to
have the multi-⁠propose artist Toni de l’Hostal as an evening master of



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