Sitges 2016’s commercial spot evokes universal faith in ‘Star Trek’

The piece was made by the China agency and opens the Sitges 2016 campaign

The eagerly awaited commercial spot for the 49th Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival is finally in circulation. And once again this year, the China agency has made a moving and elegant work, evoking the universe of the Star Trek saga, the Festival’s leitmotif this year, through a human, unifying interpretation.

In the words of Rafa Antón, the executive creative director of the China agency and the person responsible for the Festival’s advertising campaign since the year 2002: “If there is one true cult phenomenon in the world, that is the Trekkie movement. Some even talk about it being a religion. Maybe it’s not all that, but the truth is that what started out as a simple TV series 50 years ago has managed to go way beyond and become an entire philosophy based on understanding and respect for differences. A belief shared by millions of people all over the planet, despite how different they are. It’s nice that science fiction can accomplish something like that, right?”

Under the slogan “50 years of Star Trek. 50 years of something we can all believe in”, the Sitges 2016 commercial spot contains a beautiful message that delicately embraces the spirit of the saga, told by the legion of followers that it has gained throughout history. The piece shows fans from different cultures, united under the spirit of Star Trek.

The commercial spot, which is entitled Something to believe in, was directed by Eivind “Salmon” Holmboe and its cinematographer is Albert Roigé. The piece’s production was done by Fish and produced by Sergio Martínez, Marce Molero and Ana de Ancos. Editing and post-production were done by Jose Ramón Lorenzo and Loïc Grobéty respectively along with José T. Álvarez. The creative crew at China is made up of Rafa Antón and Miguel Ángel Duo.

The commercial spot is one of the central pieces of the Festival’s campaign and will be screened at movie theaters and broadcast on television and via Internet channels.

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