Anthony Ortega about Paul Naschy


My first experience with a Paul Naschy film was way back in fall 1989 when I saw an edited version of “Assignment Terror” under the title “Dracula vs. Frankenstein”.  The film didn’t leave much of an impression on me and I forgot all about it until early 2001 when I came across some information about Naschy and his career and for the next several months proceeded to dig up any info I could find on Naschy through various books and the Mark of Naschy website. By the end of that year I had become a devoted fan of the man and through a catalog order of his autobiography was fortunate enough get his autograph. Despite many of his films being hard to find on VHS, DVD, and later on video clip websites such as youtube,  I made a point of buying any of his work I could get my hands I over the next several years. Like many Naschy fans, I was sad to hear of his passing in late 2009 and to this day I still miss him.  Although many of his films have become dated and are not for all tastes, I think Paul Naschy deserves to be in the same category as other horror film icons like Lugosi, Karloff, and Chaney.

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