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J.P. Simon doc to be made!

Taken from El Necronomicón de los Templarios.  Lone Fleming will be aprt of a documentary about J.P. Simon, the Spanish Horror Cult director. The movie is supposed to be called The Simon´s Jigsaw and is...


Monster! #11

Kaiju means “monster” in Japanese, and this the 11th jam-packed issue of MONSTER!-amongst other things-highlights some of the more unusual international oversized Creature Features of the past 50 years or so. Included are reviews...


New book: FX in Spanish flicks!

  People from Efectos especiales en el cine español is about to publish a book about FX in Spanish cinema. As we can see in the samplers it goes from even Buñuel to Supersonic...


The Woman who Talked to the Dead on Filmin (VOD)

From tomorrow on you can watch The The Woman who Talked to the Dead by César del Álamo on Filmin. More information here: You can check our review of the movie here:


Phenomena Movie Theater to open on Dec 19!!

  Nacho Cerdà’s Phenomena Experience movie theater will be opened on Dec 19!  People attending this grand opening will see two cult classics: JAWS and ALIEN. Phenomena Experience movie theater  will be placed where...


RENACIDO César del Alamo’s new feature film

Little we know about César del Álamo new feature film but the name and the póster. If you liked this director’s movies do not forget to follow this project Facebook page and stay tuned....


Trailer: Jaime Falero’s Project 12: The Bunker

New Jaime Falero’s movie (The Clan).  Eric Roberts, James Cosmo, Timothy Gibbs and  Natasha Alam are some of the main stars.   “Project 12: The Bunker tells the story of four mercenaries who are hired by an armament...