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J.P. Simon doc to be made!

Taken from El Necronomicón de los Templarios.  Lone Fleming will be aprt of a documentary about J.P. Simon, the Spanish Horror Cult director. The movie is supposed to be called The Simon´s Jigsaw and is...


LA SONRISA DEL LOBO “new doc” about Waldemar Daninsky

By Elena Anele (*) LA SONRISA DEL LOBO  (The Wolf’s Smile) is a “new documentary” about Paul Naschy’s most famous character: Waldemar Daninsky. It is directed by Javier Perea and produced by Imagen Death....


Amando de Ossorio: The Last Templar

Biographical TV documentary about the life and career of Spanish horror film director Amando de Ossorio (1918-2001). Introduced by Narciso Ibáñez Serrador, it includes interviews with some friends and people who worked in his...